February 22, 2015

Work in progress

Hi there, thank you very much for stopping by! 
I initially created this blog back in 2007 to organize and share my portfolio and interact with other car designers and enthusiasts. Due to personal, professional and technical reasons, I put it on hold since early 2011 which means that I have about 4 years of work in the queue! 
Throughout the next few months, I will be posting new, recent and older work every other day. In order to respect the chronology, I plan to post first and then attribute the right date to the project a couple days later when posting a new piece. 

Stay tuned, there is some cool things to come.



September 16, 2010

Life Drawing (5): Blue tape is my real life Ctrl-Z.

Last night was the 5th life drawing session I went to. I start feeling more comfortable and know my weak points: hands / face / feet. I also have a tendency to hesitate, erase and go too shy on contrasts, so I've decided this time to create a very simple light sketch with a black pencil and then work straight with a pen. No allowance for mistake until... the mistake. A downsized pig face for the lady... Thankfully, some blue tape hanging around gave me a second chance...