May 22, 2015

Work in progress

Hi there, thank you very much for stopping by! 
I initially created this blog back in 2007 to organize and share my portfolio and interact with other car designers and enthusiasts. Due to personal, professional and technical reasons, I put it on hold since early 2011 which means that I have about 4 years of work in the queue! 
Throughout the next few months, I will be posting new, recent and older work every other day. In order to respect the chronology, I plan to post first and then attribute the right date to the project a couple days later when posting a new piece. 

Stay tuned, there is some cool things to come.



Rally Fighter Gulf Edition

It's coming...

September 18, 2012


Original design by idesigncars.
Inspiration sketch by Crispin Marshfield, David Hilton, and the Bentley Design team.